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2 PCs KAIER V6 LED BULB 6000k Car Headlight Hi/Lo

Original price was: Rs.4,750.00.Current price is: Rs.3,990.00.

  • Consumes only 50% watts of halogen
  • High Brightness: Over 5 times Lumens of lighting than halogen.
  • Fast bright: Takes onlynly 0.1 ‘s to light up
  • Longer life: Lasts for more than 30,000 Hours, 1 Otimes than halogen.
  • Allow the correct beam pattern. It is new and special design for led light
  • No broadcast radio interference. When you listen to FM/ AM radio.
  • No Relay. No Capacitors. No Extra Wining. Installs just as fast as a replacement bulb.
  • Do not differentiate positive and negative electrodes.
  • Built in error canceler for vehicles that have error signal issues.
3 X Rs. 1,463.00 with Koko Koko
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